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Flooding and harsh conditions were just two of the challenges facing the Neville Stewart Landscaping team when they designed and built this native garden and boardwalk for a property at Kaka Point. Owner, Annie Rankin says, “People still stroll/cycle past and stop and chat about the garden when we are in there weeding. It continues to give us immense pleasure and less back-breaking work now. It will be amazing once the ferns take off.”

At Neville Stewart Landscaping we craft unique garden and urban landscape designs. By establishing a close working relationship with you and understanding your lifestyle, we deliver exactly what you want for your property.

We understand the challenges and micro-climates our region presents. Whether you want a garden that is low-maintenance, child-friendly, productive, formal, cottage, coastal, vibrant, filled with natives or a secret space to read a book we are the “go-to” company in Dunedin, Otago and Southland for landscaping design and construction.

If you have a home garden in Dunedin or anywhere in Otago … at some point you’re going to need help to redesign or make-over the landscape. You are going to need the services of Neville Stewart Landscaping. 

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Arguably one of the best actions you can take to help the environment in your own back yard is to plant trees.

There is much we still don't know about trees but we do know they are a crucial part of the ecosystem, there is more going on below ground than we can ever guess at, and that they benefit wildlife of all kinds.

Of course, it's important to plant the right tree for your situation. For instance, an 80-metre swamp cypruss is hardly going to be allowed to live a long life in an urban environment. So, choosing the right size will be important.

Many people love flowering trees - for their beauty, for the birds and for the fruit. Flowering native trees such as kowhai make wonderful additions to the garden not only for their colour but for the longevity of the flowering season and the attractiveness to birds.

Spring is the perfect time to plant trees. The soil is warming up, the ground is damp and trees have plenty of time to get well established before summer. In our windy coastal environment, the best thing you can do to give any new tree the best start in life is to stake them well so that their roots remain solid in the ground.

If you are looking for ideas for trees, the local garden centres are well stocked or you could take a wander around the Dunedin Botanic Garden to see what grows well here. Or ask us. We're always happy to talk about trees and planting.
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We are proud to have won a medal in the 2021 Landscapes Of Distiction Awards

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