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Suburban Makeover with an Edge

Brian and Glenda Sargeant’s brief was simple; a low maintenance practical design that would integrate into an existing bush backdrop. They also wanted improved and safer street access as they live on a very busy Dunedin road.

The plan we drew up helped resolve several issues: people using the public walkway at the back of the property being able to see into the backyard, and a lack of privacy from the main road at the front.

We designed two partial fences to obscure pedestrian views at the rear and to act as an interruptor at the front, while assisting vehicle turning and parking.










The plan features a low rock wall, raised beds, a sun-drenched bench and plantings that bring into view the natives on the reserve behind the property. Take a look at this video overview of our work and then cast your eyes over the individual component images below. We think you’ll like what you see!


Because privacy is an issue at the front of the property we designed and built a hardwood partial fence that still allows vehicles to come in one side and out the other, easily turning in front of the house. This fence interrupts the view of the house from the road, increasing the privacy for the owners.












Behind the house, lack of privacy was also an issue because of an adjacent walkway through a public reserve. We resolved this with further partial fencing that screens the backyard and provides seating and planting as well as a backdrop for the garden.













Other features of the property makeover include a small rock wall that divides the garden from the lawn, raised beds, short retaining walls and all-weather paths.













Our clients were delighted with the results of our work. Here’s what they had to say:

After googling “Landscape designers Dunedin”, we invited Neville Stewart to assess our property and discuss what we would like. Our brief was simple: we wanted a low-maintenance practical design that would integrate into an existing bush backdrop. We also wanted improved and safer street access as we live on a very busy Dunedin arterial route.

What Neville Stewart Landscaping delivered on paper, frankly blew us away. They had accommodated our brief to the letter and delivered more.

We established an amazing relationship with the landscaping crew: from the moment they arrived on-site to start work. On many occasions when the design aspect had options, they would discuss these with us using their very expansive knowledge and skills, enabling us to make a well-informed decision. What these guys delivered is also simply awesome in all respects.

Their collective work ethics were beyond reproach. Likewise, their infinite attention to detail and finish. Constantly throughout this project, many passers-by very positively commented on the design, our progress and the manner in which this work was being undertaken. To this day we are still receiving extremely complimentary comments. Ultimate true testimonies to Neville Stewart Landscaping.

From our very first contact with Neville to the moment the team completed the project has been an amazing and spectacular journey with a huge “WOW” factor that we absolutely love!! We now love being able to thoroughly enjoy a home with indoor and outdoor living.

Thank you so much guys!!!

Brian and Glenda Sargeant

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